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Jill's Favorite Coffee Shops

December 29, 2022

Do you like coffee? Are you getting sick of the National chains and looking for some local flavor? Me, too!

My latte addiction started when I lived in Europe. Going to a good, local coffee shop reminds me of those cafe days so I have been thrilled to find so many popping up all over the downtown Raleigh area.  Here are my five favorite (you will note that all of them offer something to nibble on as well as non-coffee options for your tea drinking friend):

Idle hour: A new neighborhood spot by the intersection of Fairview Ave and Oberlin Rd. They default to whole milk which makes my latte a bit decadent and extra yummy! If you’re hungry, be sure to try their Banh Mi!

Sir Walter Raleigh: Right in the center of downtown, this place is buzzing from morning till night- but I always seem to find a spot to sit. Great place to stop for coffee and a breakfast sandwich on a bagel!  Want to save time? Note that they allow you to order online.

The Optimist: A great place to stop after taking your pet to the Oakwood Dog Park, The Optimist gets creative with their Signature and Seasonal espresso drink flavors. I prefer my latte “straight up” and served with some “Kick Hass” avocado toast. Online ordering also available.

3rd Place:  3rd Place is a 5 Points staple having opened almost 30 years ago. Swing by here for some good coffee, food and neighborhood conversation. Be aware of limited hours of 7 am to noon.

Videri Chocolate Factory: How great is a cup of coffee with the smell of fresh- made chocolate wafting all about you? You can find them in the heart of the warehouse district at 327 W Davie St.

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