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We are a hyper local real estate group that specializes in neighborhoods with an active lifestyle.

"Walkable" means different things to different people, but what most of our clients have in common is the desire to spend less time in the car and to be very close to shops, restaurants, and other fun things to do.

A row of super modern gray and wood houses in Durham.

Our Values

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We consider it a privilege to participate in such an important part of your life.

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Our value lies in helping you navigate the information, not hiding it from you.

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Quality Over Quantity

We aren't a high volume firm on purpose. We want to be by your side through the entire transaction.

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Real estate is emotional and as your advocate, our job is to be your guide.

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Less cars. More biking, walking, & transit. None of us are perfect, but we live the life we promote.

The Metro Digs Group

Our Services

Someone once compared the world of Realtors to the world of builders, an analogy that captures the essence of our operations perfectly. Just as in construction, where there are custom builders renowned for their tailor-made creations, and production builders known for their high-volume, standard designs, the real estate brokerage business mirrors this dichotomy. Our team epitomizes the ethos of a custom builder. Eschewing the path of mass advertising for a high volume of transactions, we instead choose to engage deeply with each of our clients, guiding them through every step of their transaction with a hands-on approach.

Dealing with older homes is akin to undertaking a custom building project—it demands patience and an eye for detail. Whether it's listing these venerable properties or navigating the intricacies of purchasing them, the process is invariably more time-consuming and fraught with greater risk.

When it comes to selling an older residence, marketing a unique property, or engaging in the real estate market of dense urban landscapes, the experience is distinct from transactions involving more homogeneous housing options. Just as a custom builder takes into account the unique terrain, desires of the homeowner, and inherent challenges of creating a one-of-a-kind home, we apply a similar level of care and customization to each real estate transaction, ensuring that each sale or purchase is as unique as the property—and the people—involved.