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Top 5 Downtown Neighborhoods

For many of my buyer clients, walkability is a key criteria in their home search. They want to find a home that will allow them to walk to Downtown Raleigh restaurants, museums, parks and shops.

While there are several condominium complexes in the center of downtown, buyers that want to purchase a single family home will want to focus on one of 5 neighborhood areas nestled around the center city.  These neighborhood areas include:
1. Glenwood-Brooklyn (my ‘hood!)
2. Mordecai / Oakwood
3. East Downtown
4. South Park
5. Boylan Heights
If you’d like a tour of these neighborhoods, give me a call or text at (919) 673-9643!

On any given Saturday night, my husband and I might be found in or near any one of the areas checking out new restaurants or visiting one of our favorite haunts.  Others may not be inclined to walk quite as far.  With this in mind, I have started to create a new video series highlighting some of my favorite restaurants that are situated closest to each neighborhood.  The first one is focused on the Glenwood-Brooklyn neighborhood and the Glenwood South restaurant district.  

To be notified as new videos are released, please follow my YouTube channel.
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