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June 21, 2022

Back when we created the new Metro Digs website in 2016, some of the first content that we knew was important was a list of the Top 8 Walkable neighborhoods in Raleigh.  The only resources for that type of content at that time were computer generated articles based on census data or something based on an algorithm.  We knew that we needed to share the actual walkable neighborhoods based on our experience living here.  It’s an unfortunate reality that so many places in Raleigh aren't very sexy to newcomers. Several popular shopping areas are run down or otherwise lack curb appeal (several of our walkable neighborhoods have retail destinations that are still built around parking lots), but they are attractive not only due to their walkability but their proximity to other walkable neighborhoods. 

To build on that initial post, we looked ahead to what will be some of the more popular neighborhoods in the next 5 years or so. You know the famous hockey quote “Skate to where the puck is going to be.” Granted, if you are looking for somewhere to live yourself, ROI might not be your #1 priority, but getting into somewhere that will eventually be super popular is always a good idea if you’re willing to put up with some growing pains. 

These two Coming Soon neighborhoods are in the early stages, but will be destinations in their own right, with many adjacent neighborhoods benefiting from their services and shops.

Midtown East

We debated what to call this area because it's convenient to both Five Points, downtown, and even the Gateway Plaza area of Woodcrest and Belvedere Park.  Started by the Dock 1053 project which houses Loading Dock (a place where we've had membership since its inception), two new projects are going to convert this area into a  destination and central hub of activity. 

Ironworks - This is a huge project by Grubb Ventures to convert 2 existing old Steel warehouses on 18 acres to a mixed use community.

Image of IronWorks in Raleigh - Jamestown Image

East End Market - A 10 acre project adjacent to the Dock 1053 area that will bring mixed use to the area.

Image of East End Market, by Gensler Raleigh, via Atlas Stark


Caraleigh Mills Condos

Across Lake Wheeler Rd from the Farmer's Market you can find Maywood Ave, which currently houses a seafood store on the corner and looks like a road to more industrial companies.  Other than the new Caraleigh Commons http://www.caraleighcommons.com/ neighborhood and the new Trophy at Maywood, the neighborhood has been a mishmash of single family homes and the restored Caraleigh Mills condo building.  On the other side of Maywood, at South Saunders St you can get a cup of Joe at Purr Cup Cafe, but the in between is pretty random. If I were to drive you by here and tell you that you should invest here, you might think I was crazy.

But with the development planned at Dix Park, demand in this area will only grow, anchored by the Farmer's Market, Dix Park, and Park City South, and eventually Downtown South

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