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Deep Dive: Meredith Woods

January 6, 2022

Expanding on our Raleigh Top 8 Walkable Neighborhoods post, we decided to take a deep dive into each neighborhood to further demonstrate the benefits of each one. Today we’ll talk about Meredith Woods.


Meredith Woods is located between the NC Art Museum and Rex Hospital and is just outside the beltline. To the newcomer, this area looks straight out of the 70’s and 80’s in terms of housing, but that also means larger lots. Because it’s on the western side of Raleigh, this area is attractive to anyone working in RTP or Morrisville or even Cary due to its proximity to the beltline and Wade Ave.

Like many of Raleigh’s walkable neighborhoods, the reality is that many people who live here may actually still drive to grab some food due to the wide availability of parking. But what we hear from people is that they want the option of walking or biking and not being so tied to their car.

Standing outside Guasaca in the courtyard along Lake Boone Trail. One of the shopping areas walkable from Meredith Woods neighborhood in Raleigh, NC.

So if you go explore some of these places, don’t expect it to feel like you’re in Charleston or Savannah with cute narrow streets and a shop on every corner. But by walking through Meredith Woods, Jill and I were able to greet many dog walkers, check the path to the art museum and its trails, wave at people doing yard work, and experience how safe it felt to walk. No speeding cars, nice sidewalks, and we ended the trip with a snack from Guasaca.


There are three main areas that are walkable from Meredith Woods.

Lake Boone shopping center

The Marketplace on Lake Boone Trail

Landmark Drive retail

  • Panera
  • City BBQ
  • CVS


Choose from a variety of housing types -from apartments to townhomes to larger single family homes.

In fact, the first teardown is happening on Nancy Ann Drive, right beside the art museum (as of Q4 2021).


The Blue Ridge Rd Corridor Study is working on making this area more of a destination and removing some of the institutional use (like the NCDOT areas).


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