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Glenwood / Brooklyn Neighborhood Overview

July 7, 2022

In our blog post of the Top 8 walkable neighborhoods of Raleigh, we mention the main destinations that people like to live nearby, and one of them is Downtown Raleigh. So today take you deeper into a Downtown Raleigh neighborhood, Glenwood-Brooklyn.


Originally outside the planned city, Glenwood-Brooklyn sits just to the north of the boundary of the initial city limits at North St. Residents appreciate the history of the area which was originally developed between 1907 and 1940. Starting in the 1980s, the central location and rich history of the area became a target of new investment. Glenwood-Brooklyn was added to the register of Historic Places in 2002. In 2016, an historic overlay district was created in order to maintain the character of this wonderful neighborhood going forward. You can read a more thorough history at RHDC.org.


Located in Raleigh’s most walkable zip code, Glenwood-Brooklyn rests proudly between the Village District, Five Points, Seaboard Station and Glenwood South.  So much to do and see (see list below)! The mature trees shade the sidewalks, making that summer stroll to dinner tolerable in the southern heat. 

One minute you can be enjoying the urban convenience of Glenwood South and the next minute you can be alone in Fletcher Park, relaxing in the shade of a massive oak tree. Runners and walkers will enjoy the myriad of routes possible from this central location, and dog walkers will love the convenience and green grass of Fletcher Park. Locals also enjoy free concerts at the park during Spring and Summer.


Bungalows, cottages, and modest Victorian homes populate this neighborhood. Known for its bungalows and neighborly porches, Glenwood-Brooklyn has the charm of a southern city and has grown to also include newer construction homes featuring those same elements.  


In addition to the offerings at Smoky Hollow and Glenwood South, the nearby Seaboard Station project will bring new rental apartments, providing more choice for residents.


A number of condominiums and townhomes surround Fletcher Park, which is adjacent to Glenwood / Brooklyn. Communities include Bishops Park (where the majority of the buildings have covered parking and elevators), Washington Square, Parkridge Lane, and Brighthurst. Prices here range from approximately $300k to over $500k (in 2022).

North Boylan Ave entrane to Fletcher Park in Raleigh, NC.

Local Secrets

The very north end of North Boylan Ave dead ends into a secret back entrance to Fletcher Park. Those living in the Brooklyn Heights part of Glenwood/Brooklyn know about this, as do runners and dog walkers in the area.

Retail / Restaurants

- Village District

- Glenwood South

- Five Points (there's not a central site, so we highlighted a few key places here):

Hayes Barton Pharmacy

Hayes Barton Cafe

Rialto Theater

NOFO at the Pig (yes, it's as quirky and wonderful as it sounds)

Lilly's Pizza (an icon)

Lonerider Brewery

Bloomsbury Bistro (fancy date night place)

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