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Metro Digs Celebrates its 5th Year Anniversary

June 14, 2021

Metro Digs, Inc is celebrating its 5th year as a boutique and hyper local residential real estate firm in Raleigh, NC.

In an industry ripe with consolidation and volume driven brokerages, Metro Digs focuses on high touch service to clients living or wanting to live the walkable neighborhood lifestyle. 

"We like to say that we are intentionally small," said Hilary Reaves, owner.  "We want to serve and advocate for our clients.  We don't get into sales production contests and race to be the biggest team or whatever. We're one of those groups that only the locals know about, and we like it that way."

Specializing initially in the core of Raleigh, Metro Digs agents have a depth of knowledge on the neighborhoods surrounding Downtown Raleigh and the upcoming developments.  Rapid change in the urban core can impact property values and so it's imperative that any buyer know what their area will look like in the future.  Agents have counseled some sellers to wait for some development to be complete before selling, as it can significantly raise their property value.

"When I started Metro Digs, I was already specializing in the areas around Downtown Raleigh and had represented projects like Palladium Plaza, Blount Street Commons, and The Ten at South Person," said Reaves. "So I wanted to create a brand that represented that lifestyle and something more independent from an individual person's name or identity. Building on my DowntownRaleighDigs blog, I worked with my team to create the name Metro Digs.  Very soon after the launch, Peter and Debra came on board and then Mickey and Jill.  It's a very talented group."

Metro Digs welcomes other experienced agents who might be looking for a small firm where they can also specialize in these walkable neighborhoods. Agents can inquire and start conversations with Hilary Reaves at 919.621.2252.

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